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Hello!  I am Osmani de la Maza, and welcome to our site. Here the expertise meets efficiency in PC and IT services. Trust us to provide professional solutions tailored to your technological needs.

Our                  services

🛠️ Tech Repair: Computers and Electronics Maintenance 🖥️

💿 Installation of software programs 💾

👩‍💻 Advise in your technological issues💡

🌐 Eco-friendly drop-off location for your electronic recyclables ♻️

Here at LAøTEK, we are passionate about IT consulting 💻computer repair and mobile phones 📱. We believe in the circular economy ♻️ and strive to build a community that values sustainability 🌱 and innovation.

Our main focus is to provide on-site repair services 🚗. We understand the importance of your time⏰ and the importance of your devices in your daily life 🌐. That is why we have designed our home repair service 🏠 to provide a seamless and efficient solution for all your technology related challenges 🛠️.

Become a member and have special discounts

"I had a great experience with LAøTEK's computer repair services. They were able to quickly diagnose and fix the issue with my computer, and their customer service was top-notch. I highly recommend LAøTEK to anyone in need of computer repairs."

Lars K. (NE)

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